Reisa 20/40 Pound Club – for the salmon of your life

'Knocking on Fishing Heaven's Door' Featuring the 'Pool of a Lifetime' 

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The Reisa River
The Reisa river is the river Alta's southern sister. Although it's far from the deep south of Norway, it could be regarded as something of a renegade in the past that has now come back to the fold. It certainly has had a colourful past.
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Catches 2014
This is the catches from our fishing in 2014
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The Club
Fishing Reisa with the Reisa 20/40 Pound Club is about giving yourself that chance to catch the biggest salmon of your life, whilst having a great time while you're trying. We have the water and the fish to give you a great chance of succeeding.
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When to fish
For 2014 the fishing season for Atlantic Salmon opens on 23th June and closes on 26th August.
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Where to fish
The Reisa 20/40 Pound Club concentrates its fishing effort in the lower and middle Reisa.
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The Flies
Everyone has their favourite fly patterns - all of them will catch fish at some time.
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Getting There
The travel from UK to the Reisa is surprisingly easy, requiring two or three flights and a short drive.
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Reservation enqueries and availability
Reisa 20/40 Pound Club
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